A company which has
more than 50 years of expertise
in the business of marketing
Golf and Utility Carts.

We have a wide selection of
personal commercial and
Industrial vehicles.

Leader in the Golf
and Utility Carts industry.

We provide cars both
new or pre-owned.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What experience does A & A market?

We have expertise of over 50 combined years in the business market of Golf Carts and Utility Carts. We are located in South Florida, where we serve clients in over 22 countries and a record of more than 320 golf courses, representing, supporting and distributing technically globally recognized brands, we are known for being pioneers in creating large things with small vehicles.

2. How much does a golf cart cost?

Prices vary depending on the type (New, Used or Refurbished), maker, model and year, ranging from $ 1500.00 to $ 8500.00, or if you want a Custom Car "ULTRA LUXURY" and "CLASSIC" can cost up to $ 20,000.00.

3. For what use is a Golf Cart?

Apart from the traditional to the Sport of Golf, golf carts can be adapted to fulfill various functions, so they are known by the name of utility carts. Today, these small vehicles are serving services in the most diverse communities in both rural and urban areas, restaurants, clubs of various activities (polo, tennis, athletics, tourism, etc.) in cities to support municipalities at airports with their cars serving different functions. Recently, tourism is another area that occupies a place of preference and it is also used very often in companies of Security for Passenger Transport in large Shopping Mall, Convention Centers, etc.

4. What kind of cars can be sold besides the golf carts?

We specialize in cars on demand, ie transforming them to the functions you want to perform. Safety, transportation in small communities, for fun, for tours of facilities to support movement in large parking areas, and many other functions.

5. What kind of market we supply?

We supply all kinds of markets, because the cars we offer are operating in the most prestigious private clubs and beaches such as Punta del Este, Mar del Plata, Casa de Campo, Margarita Island and many other places. Shipments of more than 200 cars a month out to several countries, most recently to Argentina, Dominican Republic, Panama, Uruguay, Venezuela and South Africa.

6. Why buy from you and not directly to the firms that have the big brands?

Both the personalized attention that is advice on what is most convenient to the needs of our clients, as well as the continued support after the sale made, allowing us to create a relationship incredibly convenient for all parties. Joining the network of clients and friends of AA Parts & Carts, certainly makes a profit, either to find any type of part, to support or reconditioning.

7. Do you sell used cars or just new?

We sell cars from the most recognized brands Club Car, Ez-Go and Yamaha, whether these New, Used or Refurbished.

8. Do we give some kind of guarantee?

All cars sold are delivered with guaranteed parts for one year. The used cars are supplied with new batteries and never have problems with it.

9. How do they send to other countries?

We specialize in exporting so trained staff that is responsible for assembling the "Containers" and dispatch, according to prior coordination with the Customer and we send all documentation to the customers deal with customs issues for entry into the country.

10. What is more convenient, an electric car or a gasoline car?

This depends on where it will use that time to use and terrain. Most cars sold are electric, but for example for rent, we recommend gasoline cars.

11. Why electric car chargers are extra?

Each car comes with its own domestic electricity charger or 110 VDC, for countries with 50 service HTZ 220 VDC applied and charger export, the additional cost in these cases is approximately $ 160.00.