A company which has
more than 50 years of expertise
in the business of marketing
Golf and Utility Carts.

We have a wide selection of
personal commercial and
Industrial vehicles.

Leader in the Golf
and Utility Carts industry.

We provide cars both
new or pre-owned.

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The Company

A & A Parts & Carts, LLC. is a company which has more than 50 combined years of expertise in the business of marketing Golf and Utility Carts.

Based in South Florida, we are dedicated to the business of golf carts, buggies, utilities, parts and accessories. We offer to our customers the best for them, based on our experience and knowledge.

We are always looking for better alternatives, empowering us in the proactive steps towards the attainment of our goals of continuous improvement and quality in our products and services.

We are what our clients are looking ... asserting our motto: "Doing Big things WITH SMALL vehicles ...!, and that's what we offer ...

Accounting, technical support, and global distribution of recognized brands such as, Club Car, EZ-GO and Yamaha, have made A & A Parts & Carts, LLC. a leader in the Golf and Utility Carts industry.

In addition, we specialize in providing spare parts, batteries, and accessories of excellent quality and the best prices available in the market.

We have a wide range of Golf carts and Utilities Carts, GENTLY USED to meet the requirements or specifications that meet the budgets and needs of all of our customers.

Golf carts and Transport and various activities:
Guarantee success in business through the marketing of our products is due to the very bright future of golf carts and utility vehicles for consumers and producers.

Innovations in personalization, fuel efficiency, and durability that have characterized these niche markets have meant more products to consumers with tighter budgets. In addition, there is clear evidence that producers benefit from a greater interest in small utility vehicles as transportation for local use.

The versatility of the cars we offer, exceed the expectations of any given market. Whether you are practicing golf, enjoy recreational activities, or handling large production facilities, A & A Parts & Carts, LLC has a Golf or Utility vehicle to fit your needs.


At, A & A Parts & Carts, LLC we aim to always be committed to our customers, suppliers, investor and employees. Always giving attention, service and quality products, is our mission. Marketing Golf vehicles and all of their applications, new and gently used carts, parts, accessories, giving priority to the full satisfaction of the needs of our clients, differentiates us through the following:

- Employees engaging and innovating as a team.
- Knowledgeable and personalized service with warmth.
- Advice and support to our customers.
- Return to our investors.
- Respect for the fundamental values of the company.
- Creating wealth and welfare for all employees, customers, suppliers, shareholders and the community.
- Always representing leading brands in the market.


To make a difference in being the best in the marketing of golf carts and its multiple uses. Providing comprehensive service to our customers, suppliers and investors is the goal for A & A Parts & Carts, LLC. Our commitment is to provide high levels of excellence, and quality to customers.

Our Values Include

Integrity: Striving for perfection and deliver what we promise.
Innovation: Apply the creative ingenuity necessary to be better, faster and first. Deliver superior results, consistently exceeding expectations.
Corporate Responsibility: Serving and improving the communities in which we live.
Diversity: Welcoming the diverse perspectives of all individual, honouring them with dignity and respect.
Global Participation: Seeking a world perspective view and acting without boundaries.