A company which has
more than 50 years of expertise
in the business of marketing
Golf and Utility Carts.

We have a wide selection of
personal commercial and
Industrial vehicles.

Leader in the Golf
and Utility Carts industry.

We provide cars both
new or pre-owned.

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Golf Carts are not just for the Golf Course anymore!
Some Some of the imaginative people we have met use their carts to garden, hunt, farm, ride around campgrounds and lakes, to pulling airplanes out of hangers, or to ferry passengers back and forth from the departure gates at a jet charter service.
Please contact us where an expert advise him to show you our inventory or you just choose the parts, accessories, tires and others and can have the car you are looking for custom.

For further information, please call Sales Department: 954-966-7725, 954-966-7729 - TOLL FREE 1-877-896-9398

We have the most complete stock of parts.


Reconditioned - 2012

Reconditioned - 2012

Reconditioned - 2011

Reconditioned - 2011

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